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    Neon Sparkler

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    Neon Sparkler. The only true neon sparkler on the market. Black Cat quality is second to none and it’s neon cannot be beat.

    Special Assorted Sparkler Effects:

    Triple Effect Sparkler Pack
    2 – Color flames race while the sparkler chases
    2 – Back and fourth burning triple effects

    Color Flame Waterfall Sparkler Pack
    1 – Blue Neon Sparkler
    1 – White Neon Sparkler
    1 – Green Neon Sparkler
    1 – Yellow Neon Sparkler
    1 – Red Neon Sparkler

    Special Effects Sparkler Pack
    2 – Special Silver Glitter Sparklers
    1 – Special Color Changing Sparkler
    2 – Crackling Glitter Sparklers

    Neon Sparkler by Black Cat Fireworks

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