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    Haunted House

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    Get spooked with Black Cat’s Haunted House. Like an amusement park ride, Haunted House takes you on a journey of wailing whistles, scary silhouettes and ghoulish glitters. Throw in some glowing windows, colors stars and cackling crackle and you get the full Haunted House experience.

    Size: 7-1/4″ H x 6-1/8″ W x 6-1/8″ D
    Avg. Duration: 70 sec.

    1. Gold spark with yellow stars
    2. Double whistles
    3. Freezing snow flowers
    4. White spider flowers
    5. White glitter flames
    6. Red & green stars with sparkling crackles

    Haunted House by Black Cat Fireworks

    Category: Fountains